The International Medical Students' Congress of Bucharest

Welcome to the second edition of the International Medical Students' Congress of Bucharest, the annual Congress of the Medical Students' Society of Bucharest.

Join us, from the 5th to the 9th of December 2018, in Bucharest, Romania, for one of the greatest medical students’ congresses in Europe.

Don't miss the opportunity to attend inspiring conferences, train your medical skills during our workshops and meet medical students from all around the world!

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Dear participants,
We are constantly trying to improve our work in order to offer you an exquisite experience every time you return.

The Passive Participants can now download their certificate from our website.
Download your certificate after filling in the feedback form - you can find both of them in your account. Your certificate is only available for download until February 1st. You will not be able to download it after that date.

Please keep in mind that you can download your certificate only if you attended the events you’ve been distributed to. If you missed any of the events, you will not receive a certificate.

The Active Participants received a link to the feedback form on their email.

The IMSCB Team

See you next year

Dear participants,

We officially declare the second edition of the International Medical Students Congress of Bucharest closed. We hope you had an amazing experience! Share the message at home and come back next year!

Love you all!
The IMSCB Team


Dear participants,

We invite you all tomorrow, Sunday, 9th of December, starting 13:00 in G.E Palade Theatre Hall for the Closing Ceremony.

Receive your awards for your hardwork as an active parcitipant. Say goodbye to us and your new friends. Make plans for the next year.

Also, we counted your votes and we will award the best artwork from The Cell expo.

Be there!
The IMSCB Team


Dear active participants,

You can get your printed certificate today, Saturday, 8th of December 14:00-20:00 and tomorrow, Sunday, 9th of December 9:00 -14:00 at the Faculty of Medicine - the Main Hall.

To all the PASSIVE participants: your certificares will be available only on the website, it is not necesary for you to do the check-out.

Photo Gallery

We value memories and we would like to thank all of you for being part of the IMSCB story! By accessing the follwing link you can recall the beautiful moments we had together as members of the #IMSCBfamily!! Post your favourite pictures, tag us and you will get feauterd in our instagram stories!

Thank you PhotoMed - SSMB

Access Photo Gallery


Dear participants,

In the bags that you will receive with your welcome kits at the CONGRESS ATTENDANCE CHECK-IN (see schedule in the EVENTS section) you will find 4 TICKETS: 3 of them you’ll be able use for a FREE COFFEE during the Coffee breaks and one of them is for you to vote for your favorite visual art in our art competition.

Thursday to Saturday - 11:00-12:00 and 15:30-17:30, Honor Hall, Faculty of Medicine
On Sunday - 11:00-12:00, Honor Hall, Faculty of Medicine
LUNCH SCHEDULE: Thursday to Saturday - 13:00-14:30, Honor hall, Faculty of Medicine

On your way to lunch or coffee, you’ll have the chance to see our Art Exhibition: The Cell. Place the voting ticket in the box under your favorite piece. You can vote at any time from Thursday to Saturday.

The IMSCB Team


We’ve worked hard to offer you a complex, innovative scientific programme and fun social activities, but one of the mandatory events of the IMSCB is the Opening Ceremony.

Come and have a drink with the speakers you admire or the doctors teaching your workshops and meet some of the most influential figures in Medicine and Science nowdays, like Academician Ioan-Aurel Pop, President of the Romanian Academy, Dr. Miljana Grbic, Head of WHO Office for Romania, and Dr. Diana Loreta Păun, State Adviser, Department of Public Health, Honorary Member of the Romanian Federation of Medical Students’ Associations. Get motivated by the kind words prepared for us by Academician Ioanel Sinescu, Rector of “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Prof. Cătălin Cîrstoiu, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, the institution that supported and helped us come to this point.

It’s gonna be classy, it’s gonna be magical.
Don’t miss it!
OPENING CEREMONY- Caro Hotel Ballroom 19:30-21:00
COCKTAIL PARTY- Caro Hotel Ballroom 21:00-23:00

The Opening Ceremony Schedule

The Location Link


There are only 3 days left before your arrival in Bucharest and we can’t wait to meet you!
We would like to give you further information about the check-in process and accommodation.

The ACCOMMODATION CHECK-IN will take place on the 5th of December starting from 10 AM to 16:00 (4PM). During the hotel check-in you will be requested to do the CONGRESS ATTENDANCE CHECK-IN too. You can also do the ATTENDANCE CHECK-IN at the Faculty of Medicine starting Wednesday 10:00-17:00, Thursday 08:00-15:00 and Friday 08:00-12:00 (find the schedule in My Account -> Events).

It is mandatory for ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS to bring their scientific work in an electronic format (on a stick or e-mail) so that we can proceed the full registration. You can also bring your scientific works at the Faculty of Medicine on the following days: WEDNESDAY 10:00-14:00, THURSDAY 8:00-13:00, FRIDAY 11:00-17:00

POSTER: PSD or the original format/TIFF/ PDF/ PNG-24/ JPEG and one of the following resolutions: 4K UHD (2160 x 3840) or FullHD (1080 x 1920)

Please mind that you will need your ID/Passport in order to do the check-in.

Location of the accommodation:
Hello Hotels Gara de Nord- Calea Grivitei nr 143, 3 minutes from Gara de Nord

From the airport you have 2 means of transportation to the hotel: BUS (no.780)- do not forget to purchase a ticket from the designated bus ticket shops cab - you have 3 options of mobile apps that allow you to order a taxi: Taxify, Startaxi, Clever Taxi. Choose one of them and follow the instructions. You can pay cash or card. A ride to the hotel will cost you approx. 40 lei (8-9€). UBER - a safety and common way to arrive at the mentioned location

The hotel is 3 minutes away from the METRO station (,,GARA DE NORD”) which is directly linked to the ,,EROILOR” tube station where the Congress will take place. The tickets can be purchased from the underground ticket shops or from the devices located next to the cash desk.

UBER is another option. A ride to the Congress will cost you aprox. 15 lei (4€).

We are looking forward to meeting you and we hope you will have a lovely stay in Romania!

Scientific Events Distribution

We are excited to publish the scientific events distribution. As mentioned in the Terms and Regulations, the distribution was made based on the form submission timestamp, your preference, your year of study and the maximum number of participants in each event.

In the event that you did not fill in the scientific events selection form, you have been assigned to events which were appropriate for your year of study and had available places.

We would like to remind you that, besides these events, you must also attend one keynote lecture of your choice, in order to receive your certificate.

Should you not be able to attend one of your mandatory events, you must let us know in 48 hours starting from now (before Tuesday, the 27th of November, at 11:00 p.m., GMT+2), by sending an e-mail to

Download Scientific Events Distribution

Scientific Programme

One of the most awaited moments has come! We are excited to announce the attractive schedule we have prepare for this year’s edition! Every conference, key-note and workshop is listed below, patiently Waiting to be selected by you! This year’s scientific programme is defined by diversity and innovation, therefore we encourage you to pick your options! Be smart and fast and make the right choices that match your interests!

Download Scientific Programme

Exhibition Contest

Dear community,

Here, at the IMSCB, we value human experience. Besides your unique scientific presentations and our exquisite workshops and conferences, you’ll be able to submit and show your art to our medical community. That’s right, we’ll turn the main location – the Faculty of Medicine – into an art gallery! Your paintings, drawings, photos and stamp-on collages get to be shown out to the world. This years’ theme is the wonderful Cell!

Submit your artwork by the 30th of November in the following form.

IMSCB 2 Exibition Form

Also, other participants can vote your work and you can win prizes!

Don’t miss your chance!
The IMSCB Team

IMSCB 2 Exibition Rules

Workshop Categories

This year, every IMSCB participant will get the chance to participate in 2 exquisite workshops of their choice! Once the scientific programme is final, you will be asked to choose 1 workshop included in the First Category and 1 workshop included in the Second Category. What’s the difference?

The First Category includes hands-on workshops, which will allow participants to practice different procedures themselves, as shown by instructors. They will give you the opportunity to develop surgical skills, discover laboratory techniques and master clinical procedures.

The Second Category includes workshops which focus on training participants’ logic, in an attempt to consolidate their previous knowledge and provide additional medical information. Participating in one of these workshops will surely improve your diagnostic skills in whichever specialty you choose.

Stay tuned to discover what we have in store!

The International Journal of Medical Students

Last year, the most courageous participants had the amazing opportunity to publish their extraordinary works in a well-known scientific journal. The Congress offered the chance for the best abstracts to become part of the International Journal of Medical Students (IJMS), not only ensuring them visibility in the medical world, but also transforming their authors into valuable publishers.

This year, we are glad to announce that the selected abstracts will once again become available for all the readers of the scientific journal mentioned above. We genuinely encourage you to take this unique chance and enjoy the additional advantages of submitting your original work.

You can check last year's selected abstracts by clicking below.

Read More

The First Medical Congress of the New Century

1918 is a very important and meaningful year for Romania, being the year when the Unification of the Romanian Principalities was possible.

2018 is when we remember and praise the faith, effort, strong will and ambition of our predecessors, those national heroes who sacrificed their lives for their purpose to happen. Their values and beliefs were noble and necessary for the existence of the Romanian country we know today. Together we celebrate their bravery and our existence by remembering their actions and appreciating the international support they were given. 1918 is the year when an international community was built, an international community we are all part of today.

The International Medical Students’ Congress of Bucharest joins and supports the national movement to celebrate the Centenary in an attempt to honor the values we, as a country, have gained in these hundred years.

Some of our workshops


Active Participant Registration

The 12th of October

The Active Participation involves being an author/co-author of a scientific paper. Read more about registration on the FAQ page. Read more about the packages we offer here on the Fees and Payment page.

FAQ Fees and Payment

Abstract Submission Deadline

The 12th of October

Each abstract must be uploaded on our website by its author – read more about abstract submission on the FAQ page.


Early Passive Participant Registration & Payment Deadline

The 14th of October

Late Passive Participant Registration & Payment Deadline

The 28th of October

Passive participants have access to scientific events, but must not present a scientific paper. Read more about registration on the FAQ page. Read more about the packages we offer on the Fees and Payment page.

FAQ Fees and Payment

Accommodation Selection & Payment Deadline

The 28th of October

We provide accommodation for our participants – read more on the FAQ page.


Visa Application Deadline

The 30th of October

In the event that you need a visa to travel to Romania, please e-mail us on – read more about visas on the FAQ page.


Active Participant Payment Deadline

The 14th of November

Active Participants must not pay before we publish the list of accepted abstracts! – read more on the FAQ page.